The Gardens

What's growing on?

Our farm team produces local bounty year round in this gorgeous, temperate climate.  It's an opportunity for people to understand eating seasonally and the benefits that this has in our community.


Spring is time for new life here at the Harbour House. Baby lambs are born, the bees awaken from their winter’s rest and we are as busy as they are with all our spring planning. Our propagation rooms allow us to already have starts ready for planting and, as the menus change from winter to spring, we have lots to do!


We are in full swing with our farm stand fully operational and our greenhouses overflowing with melons, peppers and tons of tomatoes. This is the most bountiful time of the year on our farm. The farm is lush with over 70 varieties of produce while the flowers are blooming and edible! You’d think that, in the heat, the work would dwindle but we are already planting for the fall.


Because we are a year round farm, the fall is no exception. While most farmers are cleaning and settling the land for winter, we are preparing our fall crops for the winter months to come. The farm is still providing lots of squash and even more tomatoes!


As the cold sets in, our produce gets sweeter. Outside, you’ll still find many things growing, including our Belgium Endive, while our greenhouses produce beautiful salad greens (no heat necessary!). This is the time that the farmers leave the fields and head for the trees - Maple trees that is. Over 100 trees are hand tapped and the sap is collected on a daily basis. We celebrate our hard work in February, on the Family Day long weekend, with a boil off!