Honey of a home!

Harbour House has been home to several hives for nearly a decade now. Harbour House owner and third generation beekeeper Jack Woodward introduced us to what are now Harbour House's littlest employees, whose honey has now taken home multiple blue ribbons at the local annual Fall Fair. The organic farm at the Harbour House Hotel is a magical spot for the bees to call home. The variety of resident spring flowers gives the bees plenty of nectar and imparts in their honey a lovely floral flavour. 

It's always exciting when it’s time to open the hives, see the thousands of bees buzzing and try to find the queen bee amongst them. The hotel gets its bees from New Zealand where being in the southern hemisphere works perfectly with our seasons. About 150 lbs of honey is produced at the hotel annually and sold through our market stand. 

Woodward is very enthusiastic about educating people, not only about the sweet results of beekeeping, but on the importance of bees to our environment.A limited number of beekeeping workshops are offered to guests each year (call us at 250-537-5571 for dates). Participation in beekeeping workshops at the Harbour House are kept very intimate and are only open to a few hotel guests at a time. 


Photos by Landon Sveinson