Organic Farm


The present-day farm of the Harbour House Hotel on Salt Spring Island sits on a 15-acre remnant of the Crofton family’s original 100-acre farm, directly behind the hotel.  In 2004, we began the “farm remediation project” to provide the hotel and our guests with farm-fresh produce -- just as the Crofton family did from ~1916 until the 1950’s.  The benefit of the farm resting for all those years is that the land was never exposed to chemicals used in farming.  This sits well with our farm manager, Rob Scheres, who also bypassed that style of farming.  Rob learned to farm as a boy on his grandfather’s farm in Holland in the 1950’s before moving on to countless other endeavors.  What that has given us is a beautiful 2.5 acre parcel of organic land and sustainable farming practices.

Our farm runs very much the same now as it must have back then; although, we have learned a few tricks along the way! Our farm boasts two medium-size unheated greenhouses and a few propagation houses, which allow us a little head start in the spring. We operate much like a small family farm with very little equipment and loads of hard work. Production is year-round on our farm, something Rob knew was possible with a few innovative ideas and a dedication to intensive small scale organic farming practices.

With our friendly staff and our picturesque setting, it is hard to leave uninspired. Our farm is open to the public all year round and there is always a lot to see. We have a farm stand at our front gate, four friendly goats to play with and other livestock as well. 

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